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A flowering shoot with more than one flower.
Inflorescences may be branched or unbranched.

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs.

Brunfelsia latifolia, or "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" is so named because its flowers open purplish blue and fades to white before dropping off. [More...]
Cabbage Tree
The cabbage tree is an icon of NZ, a large tree that grow unbranched until it flowers. The fragrant white flowers appear in the Spring, followed by tiny fruits much loved by birds. [More...]

A genus of shruby plants of which a number of ornamental shrubs belong. It also contains an important food crop plant, tea (Camellia sinensis). [More...]
Cape Fuchsia
This South African native is not a fuchsia, despite the common name. It is quite hardy, especially if the tops are only cut back in the spring. [More...]

Cape Gooseberry
Half-hardy short-lived perennial/annual grown for its unusual fruit that taste like a cross between a gooseberry, a tomato and a cherry! [More...]

Featured plant of April 2010
This is a low growing shrub that flowers in the spring. The small yellow daisy like terminal flowers are produced en-masse, smothering the plant. [More...]

This large compact shrub is very tolerant of dry conditions. In early Spring, it is covered with pink flowers that last only one day, but are produced in profusion. [More...]
Coast Banksia
Coast Banksia is a medium sized tree that comes from the east coast of Australia, suitable for costal planting and large gardens. [More...]

A compact rounded shrub with fragrant flowers and leaves. The plant looks like a cross between a heather and a conifer. [More...]
Dracophyllum is a genus of some 40 species found in New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia. The branches have the appearance of a tuft of grass on top of long slender stems. [More...]

A very popular fruit for the home garden that has red pohutukawa-like flowers. This evergreen shrub makes a good hedge. [More...]
Fuchsia hybrids

Featured plant of March 2006
A much hybridised plant with thousands of registered hybrids. The flowers are usually bi-coloured, with a combination of red, cerise, pink, "orange", purple or white. [More...]

The flowers on this small evergreen tree have creamy white petals and yellow stamens, looking for afar like eggs fried "Sunny side up". [More...]

Featured plant of April 2006
A genus of shruby plants that range from the tropics to temperate climates. The flowers have a characteristic central structure with five stigmas at the end and a number of stamens along its length. [More...]

Horse chestnut

Featured plant of July 2011
The common horse chestnut is a large deciduous tree that bears white / cream flowers in the spring, followed by large spiky fruits. Each fruit produces one large seed, traditionally used for the game of conkers. [More...]
Kaka beak
This rare hardy quick growing shrub is endemic to NZ. The large red pea blossoms appear from the second year onwards. [More...]

Kerria japonica
Kerria japonica is a native of Japan and China. In the spring, it produces yellow flowers ahead of leaves. 'Pleniflora' is a sterile double form, the staments having been modified to become petals. [More...]
The kowhai is the national flower of New Zealand. It welcomes spring with a burst of bright yellow flowers. [More...]

London Plane
London Plane is a large deciduous tree grown for its decorative bark. This hybrid has maple-like leaves and is commonly used in urban parks. [More...]
This quick growing native tree produces white flowers, which feed bees to produce the famed Manuka honey. Cultivars have red / pink and/or double flowers. [More...]

NZ Gloxinia
This is the only species of gesneriad native to New Zealand. It is found in the North Island, growing amongst rocks and sheer cliffs. The orange flowers add welcome colour to the undergrowth. [More...]
Ornamental Banana
This relative of the edible banana produces dark pink flowers and small bananas that are full of seeds. [More...]

Persimon has been cultivated in China and Japan for a long time. There are two types of fruit, astringent and non-astringent. The astringent variety contain tannins which make the fruit bitter unless well ripened. Non-astringent varieties have far less tannins and can be eaten while the fruit is still firm. [More...]
This Australian upright shrub has alternate rows of opposite leaves, pretty much like Hebes. Terminal clusters of small pink appear in mid spring, followed by fluffy seed heads. [More...]


Featured plant of May 2006
Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas tree, is an icon of coastal areas in Northern New Zealand. During Christmas, the tree is covered in masses of red flowers. [More...]
Sensitive Plant
This plant closes its leaves in response to touch. [More...]

Silk Floss Tree
This medium sized tree produces beautiful pink flowers that look a bit like hibiscus. Related to the kapok tree, the ripe seeds are covered in a fine white silk, giving it the name. [More...]
Stone Fruit
Pictures of stone fruit blossoms. [More...]

Swan Plant
This poisonous plant is food for the monarch butterfly caterpilars. [More...]
Vietnamese Mint
Vietnamese mint is a half-hardy perennial, growing to 1m tall, and eventually forming a large clump. It is a water plant, often very happy in boggy ground. [More...]







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