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Species and Hybrid Fuchsias

See also: Fuchsia Flowers.

Fuchsia boliviana
This tender species fuchsia quickly grows to a handsome shrub, with flowers all year long. The flowers each has a long red tube, red tepals and salmon pink corolla. [More...]
Fuchsia excorticata
This NZ native is the lergest fuchsia in the world. It grows to a small tree and is tolerant of full sun and salt winds. [More...]

Fuchsia fulgens

Featured plant of May 2010
A half-hardy deciduous shrub that will flower all year round in warmer climates. The long turbular flowers, typical of triphylla fuchsias, have orange coloured corollas. [More...]
Fuchsia hybrids

Featured plant of March 2006
A much hybridised plant with thousands of registered hybrids. The flowers are usually bi-coloured, with a combination of red, cerise, pink, "orange", purple or white. [More...]

Fuchsia magellanica
This is the grandparent of modern hybrid fuchsias. It prefers cool, moist conditions. [More...]
Fuchsia paniculata
This species fuchsia grows to a large shrub. Its pink flowers appear on terminal panicles, followed by small round black fruits. [More...]

Fuchsia procumbens

Featured plant of June 2004
This NZ Native ground cover is the smallest fuchsia in the world. The flowers are yellow and upright and are followed by edible fruits that ripen to showy bright red. The pollen is blue. [More...]
Fuchsia splendens
This species fuchsia grows to a small shrub. The flowers have red tubes and green tepals and sepals. [More...]

Fuchsia thymifolia
This fuchsia grows leaves that look like thyme and small pink turbular flowers, followed by round dark berries. [More...]







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