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Te Rewa Rewa Bridge across the Waiwhakaiho River, New Plymouth, January 2012.

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A plant that grows on the ground, like most plants do.Grows on or in the ground.
A plant that grows on another,
but does not obtain nutrients from its host.
A plant that grows on the ground, like most plants do.Grows on or in the ground.
A plant that grows on another,
but does not obtain nutrients from its host.


Bulbs, Corms and Tubers
Plants that grow from bulbs, corms and tubers.

Alstroemeria psittacina Amorphophallus konjac Arisaema
Autumn Snowflakes Blackberry lily Bletilla striata
Blood Lily Calla Lily Canna Lily
Cyclamen Daffodil Dahlia
Egyptian Onion English bluebells Freesia
Gloriosa superba Hippeastrum Hoop Petticoat Daffodil
Iris Ixia Jerusalem Artichoke
Jockey Caps Kafir Lily Nerine
Ornithogalum Pamianthe Polygonatum
Sandersonia Snowflakes Sparaxis
Stenomesson Sternbergia Torch Ginger
Triteleia Tuberous Begonia Turmeric
Veltheimia Voodoo Lily

Composite Flowers
All plants in the daisy family have composite flowers; where one or more rays of florets are arranged in a circle so as to look like one flower.

Arctotis Calendula Chrysanthemums
Chrysocoma Cineraria Coreopsis
Cornflower Cosmos Dahlia
Gaillardia pulchella Jerusalem Artichoke Ligularia
Marigold - Petite Mixed (20cm tall) Osteospermum Purple Coneflower
Rudbeckia Straw flower Sunflower

Cactus and succulents
Cactus and succulents.

Agave Ceropegia woodii Disocactus phyllanthoides
Dragon Fruit Furcraea longaeva Hatiora rosea
Holiday Cactus Ice Plant Living Stones
Livingstone Daisy Window Plant Yucca filamentosa

Species and Hybrid Fuchsias
Species and hybrid fuchsias.

Fuchsia boliviana Fuchsia excorticata Fuchsia fulgens
Fuchsia hybrids Fuchsia magellanica Fuchsia paniculata
Fuchsia procumbens Fuchsia splendens Fuchsia thymifolia

Food plants
Plants for the veggie/herb garden or orchard.

Alpine Strawberry Asparagus Pea Blackberry
Camellia sinensis Cape Gooseberry Cassava
Chillies and Peppers Coriander Dragon Fruit
Egyptian Onion Elephant Garlic Feijoa
Garland Chrysanthemum  Globe Artichoke Jerusalem Artichoke
Kiwifruit Melons Okra
Passionfruit Persimon Pineapple Sage
Raspberry Self Heal Stone Fruit
Sunflower Tomato Torch Ginger
Turmeric Vietnamese Mint

New Zealand Natives
New Zealand native plants.

Cabbage Tree Dracophyllum Fuchsia excorticata
Fuchsia procumbens Hibiscus diversifolius Hibiscus trionum
Kaka beak Kowhai Manuka
NZ Gloxinia Ourisia Pohutukawa

Trees and shrubs
Trees and shrubs.

Brunfelsia Cabbage Tree Camellia
Cape Fuchsia Cape Gooseberry Chrysocoma
Cistus Coast Banksia Coleonema
Dracophyllum Feijoa Fuchsia hybrids
Gordonia Hibiscus Horse chestnut
Kaka beak Kerria japonica Kowhai
London Plane Manuka NZ Gloxinia
Ornamental Banana Persimon Pimelea
Pohutukawa Sensitive Plant Silk Floss Tree
Stone Fruit Swan Plant Vietnamese Mint


Clematis Hoya Kiwifruit
Monstera Passionfruit Potato Vine
Snail Vine Sweet Peas

Other Ornamentals
Flowering plants.

Aquilegia Balloon flower Bat Flower
Begonia Bird of Paradise California poppy
Campanula Cape Primrose Cleome
Crinum English Wallflower Forget Me Not
Foxglove Geum - yellow Giant Geranium
Giant Taro Lily of the Valley Linaria
Lipstick Plant Lobelia Lupins
Nemesia Pelargonium Penstemon
Poached Egg Flower Poppies Pulmonaria
Red Hot Poker Salvia (Sage) Sea Lavender
Sisyrinchium californicum Snapdragon Spanish Moss
Spathiphyllum Sweet Williams Tillandsia cyanea
Venus Fly Trap Verbascum

Other Interesting Pictures
Unusual and interesting pictures.

Conjoined Flowers Floral Art Germination Inside Tomato
Sensitive Plant Spontaneous Germination Venus Fly Trap

Cattleya Alliance
Cattleyas were known as the chocolate box orchid, growing large flowers from equally large plants that require a lot of warmth to grow. More recently, compact cattleyas have become popular. These are smaller, have more colour range and are more cold tolerant.

Barkeria skinneri Cattleya cinnabarina Cattleya Hybrids
Crucifix Orchid Epidendrum centropetalum Epidendrum ciliare
Laelia anceps Laelia gouldiana Prosthechea prismatocarpa

Coelogyne Orchids
A genus of epiphytic orchids originating mostly from India and South East Asia. Most have arching or pendent inflorescences with mostly white or cream fragrant flowers, but certain species are brown, green and orange.

Coelogyne cristata Coelogyne fimbriata Coelogyne flaccida
Coelogyne mooreana Coelogyne tomentosa Dendrochilum cobbianum
Dendrochilum javieriense Pholidota chinensis Pholidota ventricosa

Dendrobium Alliance
Dendrobium is a very large genus of orchids. Here are several different Dendrobium orchids.

Australasian Dendrobium Hybrids Dendrobium ×gracillimum Dendrobium ×ruppiosum
Dendrobium aduncum Dendrobium chrysanthum Dendrobium chryseum
Dendrobium chrysopterum Dendrobium crumenatum Dendrobium Dawn Maree
Dendrobium densiflorum Dendrobium discolor Dendrobium fimbriatum
Dendrobium glomeratum Dendrobium Gowan's Tangelo Dendrobium hercoglossum
Dendrobium heterocarpum Dendrobium jonesii Dendrobium kingianum
Dendrobium Kuniko Dendrobium mohlianum Dendrobium moschatum
Dendrobium nobile Dendrobium oligophyllum Dendrobium polyanthum
Dendrobium Royal Wings Dendrobium speciosum Dendrobium tetragonum
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Dendrobium williamsonii Soft Cane Dendrobium Hybrids

Masdevallia (Pleurothallid Alliance)
This alliance includes these genera: Masdevallia, Dracula, Pleurothallis, Stelis and Restrepia. Masdevallia has characteristic 3-sided flowers, and Dracula tend to have downward facing flowers.

Dracula bella Dracula gigas Dracula vampira
Masdevallia coccinea Masdevallia Hybrids Masdevallia impostor
Masdevallia melanopus Masdevallia patula Masdevallia rolfeana
Masdevallia tovarensis Pleurothallis truncata Restrepia elegans

New Zealand Native Orchids
New Zealand has some 150 species of orchids. Most of these are terrestrial, with only a handful that are epiphytes.

Earina Green Hood

Oncidium Alliance
Oncidium or Dancing Girl Orchid comes from South America. There is a large variety of form and colour. There is a lot of taxonomic work being carried out right now and it is likely that plant names will change.

Ada keiliana Aspasia lunata Gomesa crispa
Oncidium Sugar Babies Tolumnia

Terestrial Orchids
These orchids are terrestrial, unlike most of their epiphytic cousins.

Bletilla striata Calanthe Coelia bella
Disa Ludisia discolor Satyrium

Other Genera

Aeridovanda Mundyi Angraecum germinyanum Bulbophyllum nitidum
Bulbophyllum shepherdii Catasetum Ten Dragons Chiloschista parishii
Cycnoches barthiorum Cymbidium Dove Orchid
Eria amica Liparis reflexa Lycaste deppei
Maxillaria chrysantha Maxillaria grandiflora Maxillaria picta
 Maxillaria variabilis Pescatoria ecuadoreana Pescatoria wallisii
Phalaenopsis Sarcochilus  Sedirea japonica
Sobralia Thunia Warczewiczella discolor

 Culture and Germination

Bulbs, Corms and Tubers
Plants that grow from bulbs, corms and tubers.

Alstroemeria psittacina Bletilla striata Daffodil
Dahlia Egyptian Onion Elephant Garlic
English bluebells Freesia Galangal
Gloriosa superba Jerusalem Artichoke Jockey Caps
Turmeric Voodoo Lily

Food Plants
Culture notes for plants grown in the vegie garden and the orchard.

Alpine Strawberry Cape Gooseberry Chilles & Peppers
Chinese Mustard Coriander Parsley
Dragon Fruit Egyptian Onion Elephant Garlic
Feijoa Galangal Jerusalem Artichoke
Melons Raspberry Rosemary
Sunflower Tomato Turmeric
Vietnamese Mint

Culture notes for selected orchids.

Australasian Hybrids Bletilla striata Calanthe
Crucifix Orchid Soft Cane Hybrids Thunia

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers
Culture notes for selected trees and shrubs.

Cabbage Tree Fuchsia boliviana Fuchsia fulgens
Fuchsia paniculata Hoya Kaka beak
Kowhai Rosemary

Other Ornamentals
Culture notes for selected ornamentals.

Aquilegia Balloon flower Bird of Paradise
Brunfelsia Ceropegia woodii Chrysanthemums
Cineraria Coreopsis Cornflower
Cosmos Disocactus Forget Me Not
Foxglove Gaillardia pulchella Giant Geranium
Hibiscus Holiday Cactus Kafir Lily
Lipstick Plant Living Stones Lupins
Purple Coneflower Sweet Peas Sweet Williams


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Food plants
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