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The following is a list of seeds for sale. You can purchase them from Trade Me. All seeds are supplied with printed concise germination and culture instructions.

Seeds - Ornamentals
Plants grown for flowers or foliage.
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Seeds - Annuals, Biennials and Perennials
Annual, biennial and perennial flower plants.
Cineraria, Garland Chrysanthemum - Edible!, Golden Coreopsis - Dwarf, Coreopsis tinctoria (Dwarf Red), Cosmos Purity, ... [More]

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Seeds - Trees and Shrubs
Trees and shrubs.
Fuchsia paniculata, Manuka (White), Manuka (Red / Pink), Pohutukawa

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Seeds - Food plants
Plants for the vegetable, herb garden or orchard.
Garland Chrysanthemum - Edible!, Parsley

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Seeds - Chillies and Peppers
Chillies and peppers.
Bull Horn Pepper, Banana Chilly, Red Cayenne Pepper, Yellow Cayenne Pepper, Chilly "Early Jalapeno", ... [More]

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Seeds - Melons
Several varieties of melons.
Bottle gourd, Butternut squash, Honewdew Supersweet, Heirloom honewdew Canary Yellow, Rockmelon (Cantaloupe), ... [More]

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Seeds - New Zealand Natives
New Zealand native plants.
Manuka (White), Manuka (Red / Pink), Pohutukawa

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