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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Rosemary

Family Lamiaceae
Name Rosmarinus officianalis
Common Name Rosemary

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub, growing to 2m. The narrow leaves are used in cooking. Pale blue flowers appear in late Winter / Spring.


Full sun is required to bring out the best flavour, although, it will also grow in quite shady areas.

Prefers dry, poor sandy limey soils, but will appreciate the occasional watering in Summer, especially when there has been a long dry spell. Prefers a dry Winter. Can also be grown in a container - use a patio potting mix, and add in water retaining crystals. Extra sand can be added if the mix does not drain very well.

When you receive your plants, pot them on to a larger container - perhaps a 10cm pot. Grow on until roots poke out the bottom, then pot on to a 16cm container. Plant out in the Autumn. Containerised plants should be well watered. Established plants growing in the ground almost never need watering.

Culinary Usage: Stews, soups, casseroles, poached fish - add a sprig of two the next time you poach fish in white wine.







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