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Balloon flower

Family Campanulaceae
Name Platycodon grandiflorus
Common Name Balloon flower

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Balloon flower is a hardy Summer flowering perennial, so named because its buds swell up, looking like a balloon before opening. The intense blue flowers are 4 inches across. Looks great when planted with baby's breath in the back of the perennial garden.


Depth: surface
When: Spring or Autumn - when it is cooler.
Where: Sow thinly in containers for transplanting later.
Seed takes approximately 2 weeks to germinate.
Do not cover as some light is required for germination, but not in direct Sun


Balloon flower is very easy to grow. All they need is well drained soil and water during the dry and warm Summer months. Site in full Sun or light shade.

The buds swell up looking like a balloon before opening. They look nice in the back perennial border, mass planted with baby's breath, Rudbeckia, Cosmos and other tall perennials.

Feed once during Spring after the plant has started growing. Light doses of fertiliser during the flowering months will encourage more blooms.

Pinch out the growing tips when they are around 100cm long. This will encourage branching which will result in more flowers. Dead head regularly to extend the season through to Autumn. Will self-seed if not dead headed.

Do not split the clumps as they resent root disturbance. Propagation is by seeds. When growing from seed, sow thinly so that you can easily split the seedlings without damaging roots. Seedlings started in Autumn will usually flower the following in the Summer. Those started in the Spring will take 2 years to flower.







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