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In botanical taxonomy, a genus is a group of closely related plant species.
A genus may contain one or more plant species.
Part of a flower
that produces pollen.Part of a flower that produces pollen.
A usually horizontal stem (sometimes underground)
that grows new roots and shoots along its length
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.

Other Ornamentals

Flowering plants.


Featured plant of September 2005
This hardy perennial with fern like mid green leaves, has bi-coloured flowers at the end of long stems that make excellent cut flowers. Excellent wild flower or for cottage gardens, especially when planted en masse. [More...]
Balloon flower

Featured plant of May 2005
This summer perennial is so named because its buds swell up like a balloon before opening. [More...]

Bat Flower

Featured plant of September 2011
Bat Flower (Tacca chanteiri) is found growing in tropical rain forests from Assam to South China and Peninsula Malaysia. Most unusually, it has black flowers. The numerous whiskers can grow to 40cm long. The black bracts cause the flower to look like a bat in flight. [More...]
This is a large genus of plants growing on the forrest floor. Tuberous begonias are grown for their showy flowers but most of the other are grown for their attractive foliage. [More...]

Bird of Paradise
The unusual looking flowers of this South African perennial earned it the name Bird of Paradise. [More...]
California poppy
This annual from California produces brightly coloured cup-shapped flowers in the spring. The flowers only open in full sun. [More...]

Campanula is a varied genus of annual, biennial and perennial plants. Most have bell or turbular flowers with 5 petals. [More...]
Cape Primrose
Streptocarpus is a large genus of plants, found in South Africa. The rosette forming perennial species are the parents of the modern day hybrids. [More...]

This annual produces lots of flowers at the end of tall stems. The buds and young flowers are dark pink, fading to almost white as the flower ages. [More...]
A large perennial from Japan, this crinum grows bunches of white spidery flowers. [More...]

English Wallflower
This short lived perennial produces fragrant flowers with yellow, orange, pink, red or purple hues. A very easy to grow hardy plant, it will self seed and is for the border, cottage, or wildflower garden. [More...]
Forget Me Not
This dainty short lived wetland perennial produces masses of flowers in the Spring. The flowers can be pink, blue or white. [More...]


Featured plant of January 2006
In the Spring, Foxglove grows a tall spike, with bell shapped flowers that have markings to guide landing bees. [More...]
Geum - yellow
This relative of the strawberry flowers all year long. The yellow flowers are produced in a short racemes from the crown. It is a very good ground cover, with time spreading to a large area, but is not overly invasive. [More...]

Giant Geranium

Featured plant of November 2004
This half-hardy aromatic biennial with deeply cut snowflake shapped leaves is the largest geranium in the world. In spring, the flower head grows to 150cm tall and 80 cm across, with hundreds of pinky-purple flowers. [More...]
Giant Taro
This arum grows the world's largest undivided leaf, up to 3 metres in length, and the stems grow to 2 metres. Cream coloured flowers appear in the Summer, followed by green "fruits" with bright red berries. [More...]

Lily of the Valley
Deciduous perennial that produces fragrant, delicate, white, bell shaped flowers in the spring. [More...]
Linaria is group of annuals and perennials related to snapdragons and have flowers with the characteristic snapdragon spur. [More...]

Lipstick Plant
This trailing indoor plant is so named because when its flower bud is growing out of the bract, it looks like a lipstick being pushed out of its case. An easy to grow indoor plant, the succulent leaves store water and the plant can withstand drying out. [More...]
A large genus of small and giant annuals and perennials. Commonly grown are bedding lobelia and the cardinal flower. [More...]

Russell lupins is a perennial bred by George Russell for colour. Tall stately spikes of bi-coloured flowers appear in the spring. [More...]
An annual that produces masses of flowers in many different colours. [More...]

Pelargonium is a genus of shrubby plants that is grown for their scented leaves. Zonal pelargoniums are grown for their flowers and have been bred to produce different forms and colours. [More...]
This easy to grow plant requires minimal maintenance. The tubular flowers are normally white, blue, violet, purple, pink, magenta, red and very rarely, yellow. [More...]

Poached Egg Flower

Featured plant of January 2007
This soggy ground tolerant annual is ideal for filling in space or as a general ground cover. The flowers are white with a dark yellow centre, and hence the common name. [More...]
This poppy is one of some 100 species of poppies. Unlike the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), this poppy does not contain morphine or codeine. [More...]

This pretty little perennial has leaves spotted white and is suitable for the darker corners of the garden. From Spring through Summer, it produces small bell-shaped blue flowers that start out as pink buds. [More...]
Red Hot Poker
This hardy perennial is a favourite of old gardens. Its yellow/orange flower spikes appear in the Spring and Summer and looks like a "red hot poker". [More...]

Salvia (Sage)
Salvia is a large genus of annual and perennial plants belonging to the mint family. Most have fragrant leaves, and a few, such as Sage (Salvia officinalis) and Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) are used as herbs. [More...]
Sea Lavender
This perennial herb has lavender coloured flowers and leaves that form a basal rosette. It is half hardy but is tolerant of coastal conditions. [More...]

Sisyrinchium californicum
This hardy perennial is a primitive iris that grows to only 20cm tall. It produces masses of star shapped yellow flowers in late Spring and Summer. [More...]
Snapdragons are so named because the flowers resemble the face of a dragon and the "mouth" opens and closes as the flower is squeezed. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, from dwarf cultivars, eg. Tom Thumb, to full sized originals. [More...]

Spanish Moss
This air plant from South America does not have any roots. Instead, it absorbs all the water and nutrients it needs through its leaves. Related to the pineapple, it bears no resemblence to its relation. Instead its growth habbit is like an old man's beard lichen (Usnea Spp.). [More...]
Spathiphyllum is a very easy to grow indoor plant that is also very forgiving. It tolerates very dark conditions, but flowering will decrease. [More...]

Sweet Williams
This hardy biennial / short-lived perennial grows as small compact plants, suitable for containers. The white / pink / red bi-coloured flowers appear to cover most of the plant. [More...]
Tillandsia cyanea

Featured plant of June 2011
This epiphyte from Ecuador is one of the most popular commercial Tillandsias. Every year thousands of plants are produced for the pot plant trade. It is a relatively easy to grow indoor plant, requiring the occassional watering when the plant is dry. Good light is needed for flowering. [More...]

Venus Fly Trap
This carnivorous plant grows in swamps that are poor in nutrients and needs to trap insects for supplemental nitrogen. The insects are caught in a trap (actually a modified leaf) that quickly springs shut when trigger hairs are touched. [More...]
Verbascum arcturus comes from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. It grows as a rosette of leaves which sends up a flower spike in the spring. [More...]







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