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A flowering shoot with more than one flower.
Inflorescences may be branched or unbranched.

New Zealand Natives

New Zealand native plants.

Cabbage Tree
The cabbage tree is an icon of NZ, a large tree that grow unbranched until it flowers. The fragrant white flowers appear in the Spring, followed by tiny fruits much loved by birds. [More...]
Dracophyllum is a genus of some 40 species found in New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia. The branches have the appearance of a tuft of grass on top of long slender stems. [More...]

Fuchsia excorticata
This NZ native is the lergest fuchsia in the world. It grows to a small tree and is tolerant of full sun and salt winds. [More...]
Fuchsia procumbens

Featured plant of June 2004
This NZ Native ground cover is the smallest fuchsia in the world. The flowers are yellow and upright and are followed by edible fruits that ripen to showy bright red. The pollen is blue. [More...]

Hibiscus diversifolius

Featured plant of April 2006
This perennial is characterised by its numerous spines. It is only found in the far north, around swampy areas, and is quite rare now. [More...]
Hibiscus trionum

Featured plant of April 2006
This biennial is one of the few New Zealand native plants with large showy flowers. The flowers only lasts one day but are produced in such profusion that the shrub always seems to be covered in flowers. [More...]

Kaka beak
This rare hardy quick growing shrub is endemic to NZ. The large red pea blossoms appear from the second year onwards. [More...]
The kowhai is the national flower of New Zealand. It welcomes spring with a burst of bright yellow flowers. [More...]

This quick growing native tree produces white flowers, which feed bees to produce the famed Manuka honey. Cultivars have red / pink and/or double flowers. [More...]
NZ Gloxinia
This is the only species of gesneriad native to New Zealand. It is found in the North Island, growing amongst rocks and sheer cliffs. The orange flowers add welcome colour to the undergrowth. [More...]

New Zealand has 12 endemic species of Ourisia the others are found in South America and Tasmania. All of the New Zealand species have white flowers. Ourisia macrophylla subsp. macrophylla is a herbaceous plant, endemic to Mt. Taranaki. This is an uncommon plant in gardens as it can be quite difficult to keep alive in cultivation. [More...]

Featured plant of May 2006
Pohutukawa, the New Zealand Christmas tree, is an icon of coastal areas in Northern New Zealand. During Christmas, the tree is covered in masses of red flowers. [More...]

This native carnivorous plant catches insects by using droplets of sticky fluid at the end of long tentacles. [More...]







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