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Family Fabaceae
Name Lupinus
Common Name Lupins

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Lupin is a genus of nearly 300 species of legume plants. Some of them are annuals while others are short lived perennials. They originate from North America, Europe and Noeth Africa.

The most popular garden lupin is the Russell Lupin, available in almost any colour of the spectrum.

Lupins, like other legumes, can fix nitrogen from the air. Actually, it is the symbiotic bacteria that grows within root nodules that fixes the nitrogen. Because of this, lupins can usually grown as winter cover crop for the veggie garden.

Being able to fix nitrogen also means lupins will grow in poor soils, changing the chemistry of the soil over time. This can lead to new and different plants colonising the soils, often to the detriment of native plants.


Depth: To ¼ cm
When: Spring or autumn.
Where: In containers for transplanting later.
Seed takes approximately 1-3 weeks to germinate.
Germination is improved if the seeds are knicked with a knife and soaked in water overnight. Protect seedlings from slugs and snails.







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