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Lipstick Plant

Family Gesneraceae
Name Aeschynanthus radicans
Common Name Lipstick Plant

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This trailing indoor plant is so named because when its flower bud is growing out of the bract, it looks like a lipstick being pushed out of its case. An easy to grow indoor plant, the succulent leaves store water and the plant can withstand drying out.


Grow this plant in a bright spot but away from direct sun. It will actually tolerate a quite shady spot but flowering will decrease or it may even fail to flower altogether. When grown in full sun, the leaves turn yellow and growth is stunted.

The plant produces trailing vines and is very suitable for a hanging basket. Use ordinary indoor potting mix. Water thoroughly only when the mix is dry. Water should not be allowed to pool in the saucer for more than a few hours. Feed in the spring with a 9 month slow release fertiliser, such as Osmocote, or alternatively, feed at every second watering with a weak liquid fertiliser, at around half the recommended strength. When choosing a fertiliser, it is best to pick one with a lower nitrogen content.

The vines make rapid growth in the summer. It is important that the growing tips are initially picked to encourage a bushier plant, but the vines should then be allowed to grow to maturity, as it flowers mainly at the tips of the vines. The vines can then be cut back after flowering.







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