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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Hoya

Family Asclepiadaceae
Name Hoya
Common Name Wax flower


Hoya is a succulent climber that produces pendulous umbels of starry white / pink flowers. The fragrant flowers apprear in late spring / summer, usually on old leafless flowering spurs.


Hoya carnosa is a succulent climber and requires a support structure or can be grown in a hanging basket. When you receive your plant, keep it growing in its original pot for at least 6 months, or until it starts to grow a long vine. It should then be transplanted into a 6 inch pot. Use ordinary potting mix. Pinch the tip off the vine to encourage branching. After another year, pot on to an 8 inch pot. Make sure there is a support structure for the plant to climb.

Alternatively, it can be grown in a hanging basket. Start off with a 6 inch basket, and repot into an 8 inch basket after a year.

It should be watered regularly during the summer, but kept on the drier side in winter, though not completely dry. Being a succulent, it is quite tolerant of draught conditions, but it grows a lot better if given adequate moisture. Feed in the spring with 9 month slow release fertiliser, such as Osmocote.

It flowers from spurs produced on the leaf axils of new growths. These spurs will flower over and over again for several years. DO NOT pick the flowers by cutting off the spur.

Keep the plant free from frost at all times, though in warmer climates, it can be grown outdoors - in a sheltered spot. In colder areas, grow this plant as a houseplant. It requires a bright spot to flower well. It will tolerate full sun, once acclimatised.







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