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Clone the Garden
Successsfully propagate new plants through cuttings, divisions and layering. [Read Article]
Macro Photography of Flowers and Plants
How to take close up pictures of flowers.  [Read Article]
May is Garlic Planting Time
Garlic has been grown and eaten since the time of the ancient Egyptians. It is an easy herb to grow, requiring a minimum of space and fuss.  [Read Article]
Preparing for Winter
With the shortening autumn days, the garden should be prepared for winter - harvest, tidy up and work the soil.  [Read Article]
Pruning Roses
Prune roses to keep them helthy, encourage flowering and to contain vigourous varieties. Employ the right methods, timing and techniques. [Read Article]
Recycled Garden
Making your own compost can significantly reduce your garden and kitchen waste, waste that would otherwise go into landfills. It is easy to make and only requires a small outlay. Compost improves the soil, restoring the balance.  [Read Article]
Saving Seeds for the Home Gardener
Saving seeds is an economical way to propagate plants. This article shows you the reasons and techniques.  [Read Article]
Start Spring Seeds
August is the month to start seeds of warm weather plants that require a long growing season. Start them indoors or in a greenhouse and then plant out the seedlings after the danger of frosts have passed.  [Read Article]
The Good Life
A garden supplies the family with fresh and nutritous vegetables, herbs and fruits for most of the year. It is easy to create and is a source of fun for the whole family.  [Read Article]
The Next Generation
Raising plants from seed. [Read Article]
The Self Watering Garden
A well planned garden irrigation system relieves the gardener from the mundane work of hand watering. Automatic systems ensure that the plants get regular and sufficient supply of moisture.  [Read Article]
Water Wise
How to use water efficiently and minimise the need to water.  [Read Article]
Winter Protection
Winter is a time when growth slows or stops. Hardy plants cope with the cold but other plants benefit from some form of protection. Otherwise choose plants that are appropriate for your hardiness zome.  [Read Article]







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