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Family Malvaceae
Name Hibiscus Spp.

Hibiscus trionum

Hibiscus is a genus of shrubby plants belonging to the marsh mallow family. The flowers have a characteristic central structure with five stigmas at the end and a number of stamens along its length. Hibiscus rosa sinensis is of tropical origin and produces showly colourful flowers. Hibiscus syriacus is deciduous and has mainly white / red flowers. Hibiscus trionum is a New Zealand native biennial that produces cream flowers with a block centre. Hibiscus diversifolius is another New Zealand native with flowers that look similar to H. trionum but the plant is more robust and is very spiny. Hibiscus esculentus, or okra, produces edible seed pods.

 Hibiscus trionum

Name Hibiscus trionum

This biennial is one of the few New Zealand native plants with large showy flowers. The flowers only lasts one day but are produced in such profusion that the shrub always seems to be covered in flowers. They open in the morning and are closed by late afternoon.


Depth: To ¼ cm
When: spring or autumn
Where: In containers for later transplant.
Soak in warm water overnight before sowing. This weakens the seed coat, enabling a more even and quicker germination.


This native is not fussy about where it is grown and looks after itself once established. Mature plants do not need watering and seem to flower better if grown in poor soils. Plants started in Autumn will flower in early Spring.







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