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Fuchsia paniculata

Flower Detail
Family Onagraceae
Name Fuchsia paniculata

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Fuchsia paniculata is often confused with F. aborescans for the two look very similar. This is quite a large fuchsia, growing to 2m or more. It flowers pretty much all year round, producing small pink flowers on terminal panicles. The small round fruits ripen to black with a blue bloom. The seeds are red in colour.


This fuchsia is frost hardy down to Christchurch when established, but young plants will need to be protected. Part shade is best, but will tolerate full sun. Water well if grown in full sun - the leaves will turn reddish. Will also tolerate shade but flowering will diminish somewhat.

In colder climes, it is better to grow the plant in a large container and plant it out in the Spring, after the last frost. Water and feed well in the Summer to get the plant established before the Winter. If the Winter has been harsh and the plant damaged by frost, cut it hard in the Spring to encourage strong growth in the Summer. Decrease water and feed in the Autumn to encourage slower growing, more hardy growth. Do not dead head.

In warmer climes, re-pot the plant into a container that is two sizes up. Eg. If you received the plant in a 10cm pot, then plant in a 16 cm pot. Continue to pot up when you see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot. Plant out in the Autumn. The winter rains will help the plant establish itself. Prune to shape in the Spring.







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