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Fuchsia fulgens

Family Onagraceae
Name Fuchsia fulgens

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Fuchsia fulgens is a species fuchsia that grows to a tidy (1.2m) shrub, that flowers all year long in warmer regions. This quick growing plant is only hardy to Christchurch and will drop its leves and flowers in response to cold weather. Heavy frost will burn the tops but the shrub will regrow from root tubers.

The long dark pink buds open to flowers with very tube and orange corolla. The tepals have a hint of green. The juicy fruit is edible and has a nice acidic flavour.


Part shade is best to bring out the colours of the flowers, which constrasts well with the leaves, but this fuchsia is tolerant of full Sun. Water well in the drier months of Summer and keep the plant well fed. In warmer regions, prune off branches that look tired. This will allow new replacement branches to grow. In colder regions, cut off all branches down to ground level in early Spring. The plant will reSprout with renewed vigour. It is important not to cut off too early as late frosts can damage new growths.







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