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Fuchsia boliviana

Family Onagraceae
Name Fuchsia boliviana

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Fuchsia boliviana is a species fuchsia that grows to a handsome (1.5m) shrub, with flowers all year long. It is a quick growing tender plant, suitable to frost free areas, but will tolerate a few days of very mild frost once established. Some of the tops and foliage will be burnt. These should be off in the Spring.

The flowers each has a long red tube and red tepals, with salmon pink corolla. They form on thin terminal inflorences that bend down. Green cylindrical fruits form if the flower has been pollinated. These ripen dark purple, almost black.

WarningFuchsia boliviana is classed as a weed in the greater Auckland region and cannot be propagated and sold.


Depth: Surface - some light is required for germination, do not cover, but do not put in full Sun!
When: Spring, Summer - needs warmth
Where: In containers for transplanting later.
Seed germinates quickly. Seedlings are quite slow growing and you may need to over-winter them before planting out. Once they get to about 10cm tall, the growth rates increases. Keep seedlings in the shade.


Part shade is best for this plant, but it will tolerate full sun. All of my plants grow in full sun. Water well in the Summer. The plant will grow green coloured cylindrical shaped fruit that ripens to dark purple. Remove these periodically.

If the Winter has been mild, this fuchsia will continue to flower, providing welcomed colours to the garden. Every six months, remove canes that have flowered and are looking tired. This encourages new growths and renews the plant. If left to continue flowering, the fuchsia will flower to death!

Growing from Plants

When you receive your plant, it is best to re-pot it into a container that is two sizes up. For example if you received it in a 16cm container, re-pot it in a 24cm container, or a standard 9 litre pail (with lots of large holes drilled on the bottom). Keep well watered and plant out in the Autumn. The Winter rains will help the plant establish itself. Mulch well.







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