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A flowering shoot with more than one flower.
Inflorescences may be branched or unbranched.

Food plants

Plants for the veggie/herb garden or orchard.

Alpine Strawberry
This species strawberry produces fragrant white fruits for most of the year. The ripe fruit has an almost intoxicating flavour, that is immediately apparent as you walk past the plant. [More...]
Asparagus Pea
This legume produces unusual beans that are winged on four sides. [More...]

Blackberry bear fruit on second year canes. These canes are usually full of thorns but there are thornless varieties. [More...]
Camellia sinensis
The leaf tips of this camellia, when dried fresh is green tea, and when fermented, is red tea. [More...]

Cape Gooseberry
Half-hardy short-lived perennial/annual grown for its unusual fruit that taste like a cross between a gooseberry, a tomato and a cherry! [More...]
Cassava is an important staple food plant that grows in the tropics. [More...]

Chillies and Peppers
There are thousands of varieties of different shapes, sizes, colour and heat rating. Bell peppers are sweet - 0 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit), and on the other end of the scale, Habanero rates over 350000 SHU! [More...]
Coriander is a quick growing annual herb commonly used in Mediteranean, South American, Indian and South-east Asian cooking. [More...]

Dragon Fruit

Featured plant of February 2012
This species of night blooming cactus is grown mainly for its showy perfumed flowers and its large edible fruits. [More...]
Egyptian Onion
This unusual onion produces small bulbs at the end of the flowering stem and does not seem to set any seed. Once large enough, the small bulbs can be detached and planted. They will then grow to a new plant that will start producing more small bulbs in a year or two. [More...]

Elephant Garlic
Elephant garlic is not a true garlic, but rather it is related to leeks. It is milder than garlic, grows giant cloves that can be larger than a garlic bulb. The culture is similar to garlic. [More...]
A very popular fruit for the home garden that has red pohutukawa-like flowers. This evergreen shrub makes a good hedge. [More...]

Garland Chrysanthemum

Featured plant of December 2005
This hardy annual leaf vegetable has a subtle but distinct 'floral' flavour and is great stir fried or used in soup. Some say it is as delicious as spinach, and is a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. [More...]

Globe Artichoke
Globe artichoke is a vegetable grown for its edible flower buds. It contains an active chemical that inhibits taste receptors, making food taste sweet. [More...]

Jerusalem Artichoke

Featured plant of July 2006
Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial sunflower, the underground rhizomes is what is eaten. It flowers in the Autumn and is worth growing just for the flowers. [More...]
Introduced from China, Kiwifruit has been grown in New Zealand for over 100 years, and now forms part of the Kiwi culture. [More...]

Bottle gourd, Butternut, Choko, Gherkin, Honeydew, Luffa, Prince melon, Pumpkin, Rockmelon, Spaghetti melon, Squash, Watermelon, Wax melon. [More...]

Featured plant of April 2006
This annual produces edible seed pods, known variously as okra or ladies fingers. The pods are only edible when very young. Okra is used in dishes such as Gumbo of New Orleans cuisine, and in a number of Asian dishes. [More...]

A large genus of tendrill climbing plants that has complex shapped flowers with many segments. A few species are cultivated for their edible fruit, a few others for their flowers and a number are weeds. [More...]
Persimon has been cultivated in China and Japan for a long time. There are two types of fruit, astringent and non-astringent. The astringent variety contain tannins which make the fruit bitter unless well ripened. Non-astringent varieties have far less tannins and can be eaten while the fruit is still firm. [More...]

Pineapple Sage
Pineapple sage is a semi-deciduous shrub that gives off a very distictive pineapple flavour when ites leaves are crushed. Nectar can be sucked from its flowers, and it too has a pineapple flavour. [More...]
Raspberries are a useful summer fruit that can be grown almost anywhere in New Zealand. [More...]

Self Heal
Self-heal has been used by Chinese Herbalists for generations. The dried seedheads are boiled in water to make a sweet smelling tea (decoction). [More...]
Stone Fruit
Pictures of stone fruit blossoms. [More...]

The sunflower, a favourite of kid's gardens, is quick and easy to grow. Numerous cultivars exist and it is now possible to get multi-flowering dwarf plants that can even be grown in containers. [More...]
Four types of tomatoes, Tiny Tim, Sweet 100 Improved, Grosse Lisse and Acid free. [More...]

Torch Ginger

Featured plant of August 2007
This is a relation of the table ginger and comes from South East Asia. The flower buds are used as a spice in South East Asian cooking. [More...]
Turmeric is a kind of ginger grown primarily for its orange rhizomes that are used as a spice. [More...]

Vietnamese Mint
Vietnamese mint is a half-hardy perennial, growing to 1m tall, and eventually forming a large clump. It is a water plant, often very happy in boggy ground. [More...]







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