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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Foxglove

Family Scrophulariaceae
Name Digitalis
Common Name Foxglove

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Foxglove grows a clump of leaves and is normally only about 20cm tall but in Spring, it sends up a tall flowering spike, over 1.5m tall and full of bell shaped flowers. Each flower has markings to guide landing bees - similar to those in an airport that guide landing aircraft. Plants are variable and some have flowers that are of different shades. Easy to grow.

Warning: All parts of the plant are poisonous. Foxgloves contain a cocktail of toxins, chief among them is digoxin, a heart stimulant when used in the correct amount, an overdose may lead to heart attack.


Depth: Surface
When: late summer or sutumn for flowering the following spring.
Where: Into small container of moist seed raising mix for transplant later.
Sow thinly. The seeds are small. To aid sowing, mix with fine sand.


Foxgloves prefers slightly acidic soil, woodland soil. It is a short lived perennial, though it is usually grown as a biennial, but you can extend its life by cutting off the flowering spike before it sets seeds. Strawberry foxglove needs to be split every year, and will last longer than the others. The tall flowering spike may require protection from the wind.







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