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A hybrid where one or both parents are themselves hybrids.
Bundles of pollen grains held together in a waxy mass,
typically found on orchids.
A plant that grows on rocks or stony soils.

Dendrobium Alliance

Dendrobium is a very large genus of orchids. Here are several different Dendrobium orchids.

Australasian Dendrobium Hybrids
Australasian Dendrobium hybrids have one or more parent species that originate from Australia. [More...]
Dendrobium ×gracillimum
This is a natural hybrid of Dendrobium gracilicaule and Dendrobium speciosum var. hillii. [More...]

Dendrobium ×ruppiosum
Once thought to be a species, Dendrobium ×ruppiosum is now recognised as a natural hybrid with the formula, Dendrobium jonesii ×speciosum var. pedunculatum. [More...]
Dendrobium aduncum
This deciduous Dendrobium comes from the highlands of Malaysia. The fine long canes are narrow at the bottom, gradually growing thicker towards the top. Often the canes grow for two years and a narrow section forms at the place where the growth starts for the second year. [More...]

Dendrobium chrysanthum
This tall deciduous orchid from the Himalayas is bare for only a short time. The short-lived golden yellow flowers open when the plant is leafless, each with two dark maroon spots in the lip. [More...]
Dendrobium chryseum
This Dendrobium comes from the highlands of the Himalayas, south east Asia and Taiwan. The leaves last a couple of years on the thin canes and the deep yellow, almost orange, flowers are produced on top of the cames after all leaves have been shed. [More...]

Dendrobium chrysopterum
This Dendrobium has unusual yellow / orange flowers, each with a pair of extended sepals, looking like the wings of a gliding animal. It comes from intermediate elevations of Papua New Guinea. [More...]
Dendrobium crumenatum
This tropical Dendrobium flowers 9 days after a temperature drop. In the wild, this often coresponds to the start of the wet weather. It normally only flowers on old leaf less canes. This orchid requires warmth and moisture all year round. [More...]

Dendrobium Dawn Maree
This primary hybrid is bred with one parent, formosum, that originates from intermediate elevation monsoon forests of the Himalayas. The other parent, cruentum, is a lowland species from peninsula Thailand. The plant is intermediate between the two parents. [More...]
Dendrobium densiflorum
This large evergreen orchid comes from the Himalayas and can grow to very large specimens. It produces arching inflorescences with their large numbers of flowers, resembling bunches of grapes. [More...]

Dendrobium discolor
This tropical Dendrobium comes from Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is characterised by the extreme twists in its flower segments. The flowers last a very time, up to 3 months. [More...]
Dendrobium fimbriatum
This Dendrobium grows over a wide area in Asia, from southern China to the Himalayas, and south to Malaysia. The usual form has a dark maroon spot in the lip. [More...]

Dendrobium glomeratum
Dendrobium glomeratum is a large orchid that comes from intermediate elevation forests of the Moluccas Island, Indonesia. The canes can grow to 2m long in cultivation. The flowers are equally as large, reaching 80mm across, produced em-masse on mature plants. [More...]
Dendrobium Gowan's Tangelo
This primary hybrid has one parent, Dendrobium mohlianum, that originates from highlands of Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands. The other parent, melinanthum, is a species from intermediate elevation forests of Papua New Guinea. [More...]

Dendrobium hercoglossum
The species name for Dendrobium hercoglossum literally means fence-lip, and quite appropriate too. Look carefully and you will see a "fence" dividing the outer part of the lip (the pointed bit) and the inner lip. The flowers are produce sporadically throughout the year, but mainly in the Autumn. The canes are thin and long, and will often bend around under its own weight. It is found in south-east Asia, growing in the highlands. [More...]
Dendrobium heterocarpum
This decidous Dendrobium have leaves that only last one season. It comes from the highlands of India and south east Asia where the climate has a distinct dry season. Watering should be reduced in the winter, after the leaves are shed. The flowers are only produced on leafless canes. They have an unusual melon scent. [More...]

Dendrobium jonesii
This Australian Dendrobium grows up in the highlands of North Queensland. The pictured plant is most probably Dendrobium jonesii subsp. magnificum. [More...]
Dendrobium kingianum
This Australian Dendrobium is normally a lithophyte. A number of varieties are known and several lines have been bred to create spots, stripes, darker colours, and even yellows. [More...]

Dendrobium Kuniko
Dendrobium Kuniko "Toots" HCC/OCNZ is a primary hybrid between Dendrobium myakii and Dendrobium victoriae-reginae. [More...]
Dendrobium mohlianum
This Dendrobium comes from the highlands of Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands. It is a medium sized plant, producing long canes and lots of small orange flowers. [More...]

Dendrobium moschatum
This Dendrobium from India and Burma is unique amongst Dendrobiums in the sense that it produces a flower where the lip is shaped like a pouch. Typically it is the Cypripedioideae sub-tribe, for example, Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum and Phragmepedium that produces flowers with pouches. [More...]
Dendrobium nobile

Dendrobium oligophyllum
This miniature Dendrobium comes from the lowlands of Thailand and requires warmth to grow. It is best grown tied to a cork raft as the flowers hand below the canes. The flowers appear all throughout the year along the sort canes. [More...]
Dendrobium polyanthum
This deciduous orchid from the Himalayas has thick trailing canes. The long-lived flowers are very fragrant. They open in the spring just as growth is starting. [More...]

Dendrobium Royal Wings
This Dendrobium was bred in Hawaii from Papua New Guinean species. The flowers last a very long time, 3 months or more. [More...]
Dendrobium speciosum
This robust Dendrobium occurs over a large range along the east coast of Australia and has many varieties. It needs to grow to a large plant before flowering, and can take up to 15 years from seed. [More...]

Dendrobium tetragonum
This Australian Dendrobium is an epiphyte, found in a wide region with varied habitats. There are a number of different varieties with different growth habbits and flower colour, markings and size. All have unusual pseudobulbs that are rectangular in cross section. The flowers have very long thin segments. [More...]
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
This large evergreen orchid comes from the Himalayas and can grow to very large specimens. It produces arching inflorescences with their large numbers of flowers, resembling bunches of grapes. [More...]

Dendrobium williamsonii
This evergreen orchid comes from the Himalayas and requires a dry rest in the winter. Its flowers have hairy roange lips. [More...]
Soft Cane Dendrobium Hybrids

Featured plant of September 2004
Soft cane Dendrobium hybrids are bred from species in the section Eu-Dendrobium, primarily using Dendrobium nobile. As their name suggests, they have deciduous soft pliable canes. Most require a dry rest in the winter to flower well. [More...]







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