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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Cineraria


Group Planting
Family Asteraceae
Name Pericallis ×hybrida
Common Name Cineraria

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Cineraria is a hybrid between Pericallis cruenta and Pericallis lanata, both from the Canary Islands. It is an old hybrid, developed in the 18th century.

This half-hardy short-lived perennial is usually grown as an annual. The flowers appear in Spring and lasts through to Summer. Plants are variable and the seed from one plant can often result in seedlings with purple and blue hues, and sometimes white. Dead head and keep cool in the Summer to prolong flowering.

This plant has very few pests, apart from slugs and snails. These can be controlled by careful application of bait.

Cineraia self seeds readily. If left to their own devices, they will soon form large groups of plants that look just stunning when in flower.

The following pictures are samples of flowers from plants that I grow in my garden. There are two main groups, pastel and bright. The pastel group has white or light coloured flowers with darker markings. The bright group has bright coloured reddish purple or blue flowers, some with two-coloured flowers and a few with frilly petals.


Depth: Surface - do not cover as some light is necessary for germination.
When: Spring after the last frost or summer for next season's flowering.
Where: In containers for transplanting later, or direct where it is to grow.
Cinerarias resent having their roots disturbed, so plant a seedling into one container each. Do not use community pots.







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