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Chinese Mustard
Family Brassicaceae
Name Brassica Spp.
Common Names Chinese Mustard, Gai Choy

Chinese Mustard is leafy vegetable commonly used in Asian cooking and for pickling. It has a slight peppery taste that disappears when cooked, crisp stems and small dark leaves. Ideal in clear soup and stir fry. Quick growing - harvest in 30 days. If left too long, it will produce sprays of pretty yellow flowers.


Depth: ¼ cm
When: Spring, Autumn.
Where: In containers for transplanting later, or direct where it is to grow.
Germination rate is approximately 90%. Seed takes approximately 1 week to germinate.


Sow seeds to a depth of 5mm where they are to grow or in containers of moist seed raising mix for transplant later. Plant a few seeds and thin down to one plant.

The seed is quick to germinate and the plant is very quick growing. Grow as for other green vegetables - full sun, plenty of water and fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorous but low in potassium.

It is best to transplant the seedlings before they get too big or they might bolt. Warm weather may also encourage bolting.

Protect from slugs and snails.

If you let it bolt, cut off the flower shoot before the seeds form. It self seeds freely and before you know it, you vege garden will be full of Chinese mustard.

If you want to save your own seeds, cut off the flower shoot while the seed pods are still green and hang upside down in a paper bag. Shake the bag every so often to dislodge the dry seeds.







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