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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Ceropegia woodii

A swollen underground stem, crown or root
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.
Ceropegia woodii

Family Asclepiadaceae
Name Ceropegia woodii
Common Names String of Hearts, Rosary Vine

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This succulent vine is usually grown so that it is allowed to trail down. The leaves are heart shapped, and hence the common name. The tubular flowers appears all throughout the year.

Old plants often have large root tubers, and the vines often form small spherical tubers all along its length. These can be detached and planted on as new plants.


This is a very easy succulent vine to grow. Pick a bright spot out of direct sun, preferably next to a south facing window, that allows the plant to trail down. Alternatively, it can be grown in a hanging basket.

When you receive your plant, it should be repotted into its final pot. Use ordinary potting mix. Initially, wind the vine around the top of the pot and pinch off the tips regularly. Parts of the vine will come into contact with the potting mix and grow roots. When there is a mass of vines on the surface of the pot, allow the vines to then trail down naturally.

There is minimal maintenance, which consists of the occasional shortening of vines that have grown too long. Water once a week, or when the pot is dry. Do not allow the plant to sit in a saucer of water. Feed as you water with a dilute liquid fertiliser, or alternatively, use slow release fertiliser pallets in the potting mix. Once or twice a year, take the pot outside and flush it out with a generous amount of water. Leave for one hour and repeat the flushing. This removes any accumulated salts in the potting mix.







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