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Flattened stems that take over the function
of photosynthesis from leaves, eg. in cactus.

Cactus and succulents

Cactus and succulents.

Long lived succulents from Mexico, each with with a rosette of giant leaves. A mature plant produces a large terminal spike of flowers and then dies after flowering. [More...]
Ceropegia woodii

Featured plant of December 2006
This succulent trailing vine has heart shapped leaves and turbular flowers. Old plants form large tubers and small spherical tubers form along the vines. [More...]

Disocactus phyllanthoides

Featured plant of November 2005
This species of epiphytic cactus produces beautiful pink flowers in late Spring, reminiscent of Epiphyllum. Cultivated since prehistorical times in South America, its Aztec name is Nopalxochitl. [More...]
Dragon Fruit

Featured plant of February 2012
This species of night blooming cactus is grown mainly for its showy perfumed flowers and its large edible fruits. [More...]

Furcraea longaeva

Featured plant of January 2012
This relative of agaves produces a huge spike of cream / light green flowers. It dies after flowering, but the flower spike produces numerous plantlets that can be grown on as new plants. [More...]
Hatiora rosea

Featured plant of October 2006
This species of epiphytic cactus from Brazil produces beautiful pink flowers in late Spring. [More...]

Holiday Cactus
An epiphytic jungle cactus genus, that includes both the Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus. A wide variety of colours are available today, from white to red, to purple and yellow. [More...]
Ice Plant
A genus of cold hardy shrubby plants that produces brightly coloured daisy looking flowers that shine in the Sun. [More...]

Living Stones

Featured plant of May 2004
An extreme succulent that grows pairs of stone shapped leaves, each with a translucent top. The daisy-looking flowers produced in the Summer often dwarfs the leaves. [More...]
Livingstone Daisy

Featured plant of February 2006
Livingstone daisy is a low growing annual succulent from South Africa that produces masses of bringtly coloured daisy looking flowers in the Summer. Unlike daisies, the petals are not individual flowers but whorls of petals that belong to the same flower. [More...]

Window Plant
This extreme succulent grows pairs of short tubular leaves that have triangular shaped "windows" on the top that let light into the leaves for photosynthesis. Daisy looking white flowers are produced in the spring. [More...]
Yucca filamentosa
This yucca does not grow a trunk, but instead the leaves form into a rosette and grow from a rhizome. In mid summer, mature rosettes grow a large terminal spike, often to 2m tall, containing dozens of white / cream flowers. [More...]







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This species of night blooming cactus... [More...]
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This relative of agaves produces a huge... [More...]
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