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A leaf comprising of three leaflets,
for example, a clover leaf.
A swollen underground stem, crown or root
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.
An underground shoot with thickened leaf bases
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.
Shedding of leaves at the
end of the growing season
see also Plant Life Cycle.
A flowering shoot with more than one flower.
Inflorescences may be branched or unbranched.
A usually horizontal stem (sometimes underground)
that grows new roots and shoots along its length
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.
An underground shoot with thickened leaf bases
see also Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.

Bulbs, Corms and Tubers

Plants that grow from Bulbs, Corms and Tubers.

Alstroemeria psittacina

Featured plant of August 2005
This unusual species Alstromeria is a hardy deciduous perennial. Umbrella shapped leaf heads appear in the Spring, followed by tall flower stems, great for cutting. [More...]
Amorphophallus konjac

Featured plant of December 2011
This aroid produces large flowers that smell of dead rats, attracting pollinating flies. The tubers are used to make the flour "konjac", which is then made into a variety of foods, from noodles to sweet dessert. [More...]


Featured plant of April 2010
This is an interesting genus of unusual plants belonging to the aroid family. Most are hardy species that originate from North America, Japan, China and the Himalayas. [More...]
Autumn Snowflakes

Featured plant of June 2006
These miniature bulbs have thin grass-like leaves. Dainty white flowers appear above the foliage in the autumn on wiry thin stems. A very nice bulb for small shady corners. [More...]

Blackberry lily
Related to Iris, this perennial bears clusters of spotted orange flowers, followed by obvoid fruits that split to reveal black shiny seeds. [More...]
Bletilla striata

Featured plant of July 2004
This hardy deciduous terrestrial orchid has lavender-purple flowers that look like miniature Catleya. After several years, a large clump is formed and looks quite stunning when in flower. [More...]

Blood Lily
This winter growing bulb produces an inflorescence with bright red or white/green bracts that open up to reveal multiple stamens with bright yellow pollen. [More...]
Calla Lily
This is the calla lily of the florist trade. The flowers are white, cream, yellow, orange, red, purple and even almost black. [More...]

Canna Lily
Canna is a genus of flowering plants, and although called a "Lily", it is more closely related to gingers. Its rhizome contains starch that can be commercially extracted and used as food. [More...]
A hardy long lived deciduous perennial that has leaves with silver-green marbled markings. The flowers are carried on long stalks above the leaves. Both grow from one or more crowns on top of a large tuber. [More...]


Featured plant of October 2004
A hardy spring bulb that can naturalise in lawns and under deciduous trees. It wouldn't be Spring without Daffodils. [More...]
A tuberous deciduous perennial with flowers of various sizes and shapes, and available in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. [More...]

Egyptian Onion
This unusual onion produces small bulbs at the end of the flowering stem and does not seem to set any seed. Once large enough, the small bulbs can be detached and planted. They will then grow to a new plant that will start producing more small bulbs in a year or two. [More...]
English bluebells
Hardy spring bulb with mainly blue flowers. Plant with daffodils and snowflakes for a long spring display. [More...]

This is a Spring flowering corm that produces fragrant flowers in a multitude of colours, from whites and yellows to reds and purples, and that make an exceppent long lasting cut flower. [More...]
Gloriosa superba

Featured plant of August 2004
This tender deciduous perennial grows as a weak climbing vine. The yellow/orange petals reflex upwards with a slight twist, giving a flame-like illusion to the flower. [More...]


Featured plant of March 2005
This tender deciduous perennial bulb produces giant sized flowers around Christmas. The flower colours range from white to red and all shades in between. [More...]
Hoop Petticoat Daffodil
Ths miniature daffodil comes from Spain and southern France (Iberian Peninsula) and northern Africa. The leaves resemble grass and the flower stems are less than 30cm tall. [More...]

A popular genus of rhizomateous or bulbous perennials. The six petaled flowers come in a variety of colours, some having two or more colours. [More...]
Ixias have thin grass like leaves that grow from small corms. It originates from South Africa. The flowers appear briefly in spring, about the same time as Freesias. [More...]

Jerusalem Artichoke

Featured plant of July 2006
Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial sunflower, the underground rhizomes is what is eaten. It flowers in the Autumn and is worth growing just for the flowers. [More...]
Jockey Caps

Featured plant of February 2005
Summer growing bulb believed to be cultivated by the Aztecs over a thousand years ago. The showy flowers only lasts one day but as one fades another is produced to take its place. [More...]

Kafir Lily
The Kafir Lily is a bog plant that produces ref flowers in the Autumn, with a smaller flush in the Spring. [More...]

Featured plant of May 2011
This clump forming bulb flowers in autumn, when not many other plants are in flower. Each bulb produces one flower stem that opens to about a dozen flowers. An established clump looks stunning! [More...]

This bulb flowers over a long period in summer. The white flowers open first from the bottom of the inflorescence and work their way to the top. The leaves are thin and grass like. [More...]
A large bulb from Peru that bears large, six segment flowers. It is possibly extinct in the wild. [More...]

This graceful plant grows a dark red arching stem with two rows of opposite leaves. The white tubular flowers hang down singly or in pairs. A perfect groundcover for a semi-shaded woodland area. [More...]

Featured plant of October 2007
This decisuous perennial produces delicate bell shapped flowers in the Summer. It survives as a V-shapped tuber in the Winter. [More...]

This is the first "Spring" bulb to flower, often flowering at the start of Winter. A bulb for the shady woodland garden, the soft white flowers adds a touch of magic to Winter, looking like snow dancing in the breeze. [More...]
A tough corm native to South Africa that produces brightly coloured flowers in the spring. [More...]

This spring bulb has a head of orange coloured tubular flowers in the spring. [More...]

Featured plant of August 2010
This easy to grow bulb is suitable for areas with hot dry summers. The yellow crocus-like flowers appear in the autumn. [More...]

Torch Ginger

Featured plant of August 2007
This is a relation of the table ginger and comes from South East Asia. The flower buds are used as a spice in South East Asian cooking. [More...]
This small bulb from California produces an umbel of stary blue flowers towards the end of its growing season, around early Summer. It naturalises easily and is also suitable for containers. [More...]

Tuberous Begonia
This much bred begonia produces the showiest flowers. The "giants" grow flowers that are over 15cm across. [More...]
Turmeric is a kind of ginger grown primarily for its orange rhizomes that are used as a spice. [More...]

This deciduous spring bulb from South Africa produces a receme of tubular flowers densely placed at the end of a long stalk. [More...]
Voodoo Lily
An aroid that is grown for its large decorative leaves. It has unusual flowers uses scent mimicry and trap insects for a night as part of their elaborate pollination scheme. [More...]







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