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Clear Mountain Garden Treasures20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011

A plant that grows on the ground, like most plants do.Grows on or in the ground.
A plant that grows on another,
but does not obtain nutrients from its host.

20th World Orchid Conference Singapore 2011

9 December 2011


The 20th World Orchid Conference was held in Singapore. This event runs once every three years and is hosted by a different city each time. The next host is Johannesburg, South Africa.

OCNZ Display
New Zealand was represented at the World Orchid Conference by the Orchid Council of New Zealand (OCNZ). The display won first for Society and Amateur Displays up to 20m² and a silver medal. Well done to Thomas Brown and team.

OCNZ (Orchid Council of New Zealand) Display.

Grand Champion Display
The grand champion display was from Thailand, Chaiwathana Orchid Garden Co., Ltd.

Chaiwathana Orchid Garden Co., Ltd. Display.

Reserve Champion Display
The Orchid Society of Papua New Guinea Inc. display was the reserve champion.

Orchid Society of Papua New Guinea Inc. Display.

Glass Vials
This interesting display from Columbia uses glass vials to showcase miniature orchids. The tiny orchids would have been easily overlooked otherwise.

Columbia Display.

One of the glass vials.

Vendors were well stock with plants to sell ... pity I couldn't bring any home.

Woon Leng Nursery stand.

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
The grand champion was Cycnodes Taiwan Gold 'Orchis', exhibited by Orchis Floriculturing Inc.

Cycnodes Taiwan Gold 'Orchis'

Reserve Champion
The reserve champion was Paphiopedilum Du Motier 'Victoria Village', exhibited by the Eric Young Orchid Foundation.

Paphiopedilum Du Motier 'Victoria Village'

Other interesting plants
Habenaria (or bog orchid) is the largest genus of terrestrial orchids. Here are a couple Habenaria plants at the show.

Habenaria Memoria Melinda M. Rodgers (hybrid)

Habenaria rhodocheila, a species
from Indochina.

A couple more terrestrial orchids.

Eulophia streptopetala, a species
from Africa.

Bamboo Orchid (Arundina graminifolia),
a species from Asia.

Calanthe is another terrestrial genus. The Eric Young Foundation has done a lot of work in breeding Calanthe orchids. Here are a few examples of their work.

Calanthe Five Oaks '#40'

Calanthe Five Oaks 'Saint Saviour'

Calanthe Brandywine 'Trinity'

Calanthe Ben Royal '#2'


Most orchids, however, are epiphytes. The genus Dendrobium contains species that are mostly epiphytic.

Dendrobium subuliferum, a species
from Papua New Guinea.

Dendrobium barbatulum, a species
from India.

Dendrobium Bengawan Solo,
a hybrid named after the song
of the same name.

Dendrobium Anand Satyanand 'Susan',
a hybrid named after Sir Anand Satyanand,
19th governer general of New Zealand

Bulbophyllum is the largest genus of orchids. Their flowers have numerous unusual forms, and a few of these were at the show.

Bulbophyllum medusae, a species
from South East Asia.

Bulbophyllum makoyanum, another species
from South East Asia.

Bulbophyllum blepharistes, a species
from Indochina and Malaysia.

Bulbophyllum beccarii, a species
from Borneo.







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