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Welcome to a new year. I have been traveling a bit in the last months. This month's blog is on interesting animals and plants from my trip to Malaysia. This will be shortly followed by a blog on the Taranaki Orchid Society Summer Show.

Summer is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Berry and stone fruit should be ripening, and the vegetable garden should be producing. The weather has been kind to the garden so watering has been minimal this year. However, the wet weather may not continue and it is important to keep up watering in the hot summer weather.

Selected new additions:
Globe Artichoke should be coming into flower now. Harvest the flowers young to enjoy their tender hearts. Spanish moss is not a moss but an air plant related to pineapples. Its tiny flowers fill the evening air with an enchanting fragrance. Sedirea japonica is an orchid that comes from Korea and Japan. It is related to Phalaenopsis but grows in much cooler conditions.

This month's panorama photo is of the new Te Rewa Rewa Bridge across the Waiwhakaiho River in New Plymouth. It is part of the coastal walkway, that now reaches from the port to Bell Block. The bridge is an unusual design supported by two steel tubes below the concrete deck and one arched above with a number of arching ribs. The design of the ribs is that of a wave gradually breaking.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge across the Waiwhakaiho River, New Plymouth, January 2012.

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Dragon Fruit
This species of night blooming cactus is grown mainly for its showy perfumed flowers and its large edible fruits. [More...]

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Max. variabilis
This Maxillaria grows as an epiphyte or...

Sed. japonica
This orchid comes from Japan and Korea....

Globe Artichoke
Globe artichoke is a vegetable grown...

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There will be no newsletter in January. Normal newsletters will resume in February.

Merry Christmas
We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year. Hope you have an enjoyable and safe holidays.

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 Malaysia Trip #1

19 January 2012

I visited Malaysia in November 2011, after having been to the World Orchid Conference in Singapore. There were many interesting places, rich in history and culture, diverse in wildlife.

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 Q & A Space

I started coreopsis seeds in peat pots and placed them inside the hot water cylinder cupboard. Whey have they not germinated?

Coreopsis require cooler conditions to germinate (and some light too, but not too much). Use a good seed raising mix, sow the seeds on the surface of the mix, or shalowly burried. Cover the pots with plastic to keep in humidity and germinate in outside temperatures.

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This month: Dragon Fruit
This species of night blooming cactus... [More...]
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This relative of agaves produces a huge... [More...]
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Kaka beak
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