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Clear Mountain Garden TreasuresCulture and Germination - Aquilegia


Crimson Star
Family Ranunculaceae
Name Aquilegia
Common Names Granny's bonnet, Columbine

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This hardy perennial with fern like mid green leaves, has bi-coloured flowers at the end of long stems that make excellent cut flowers. Excellent wild flower or for cottage gardens, especially when planted en masse.


Depth: ¼ cm
When: Autumn, or in Spring and Summer if chilling is used.
Where: In containers for transplanting later, or direct where it is to grow (in Autumn).


The seeds require chilling before they will germinate. This is a natural adaptation that allows the seeds to germinate at the right time - Spring.

Seal the container in a plastic bag and put into the fridge (not freezer). Check every week. If you see signs of germination, remove from fridge immediately.

After a month, remove from fridge and put into somewhere warm and humid, preferably under glass.

If planting directly into the ground, make sure the soil is well drained. There is no need to water the seeds as the Winter rains should keep the soil wet enough for the seeds to germinate. Protect from slugs and snails. The seeds will germinate in the Spring.

Like most perennials, Aquilegia flowers best in the second year, and may not even flower at all in the first. Dead head to prolong the flowering season.







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